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The Importance of Accuracy to a Medical Assistant

This is the first of a series of articles that discuss the importance of various character traits needed for the medical assistant job description.

In this first entry, I will discuss the value of “accuracy”, something not normally considered a “character trait” exactly, but that really should be. “Accuracy” refers to your ability to both remember and record data without cutting any corners and as precisely as possible.

In general, we have a natural tendency to skip our way through data or information. This is a perfectly rational process. First, we decide what data is worth considering. Only then do we decide to actually look at the data closely. However, a medical assistant must overcome this tendency, as people’s lives may literally be at stake. The habit must instead be developed of carefully taking and recording each piece of data, even if the data does not seem important at the time.

This character trait of accuracy is important to the medical part of the medical assistant job description. The medical assistant will often be put in charge of medical records and test results. All of this data may at some point be needed by a physician for a diagnosis or for treatment. Therefore, it is incredibly important for medical assistants to ensure that no data gets lost. Think of it this way: data can only get lost. It is produced before it reaches the medical assistant and is needed after it leaves the medical assistant. It is therefore very important to be careful.

Medical assistants also need accuracy for the assistant part of the medical assistant job description. A medical assistant is usually responsible for managing appointments, managing the physician’s schedule and arranging appointments for patients outside of the office. All of this requires the kind of attention to detail needed to manage an entire office.

Accuracy is therefore an important character trait for medical assistants, one that can even save lives.

by Lindsay Schloss

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