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Things to Consider Before Becoming a Medical Assistant

There are a number of important factors to consider before becoming a certified medical assistant.

Despite how easy it is to get a job as a certified medical assistant, that does not necessarily mean that the job will be right for you. You’ll need to make decisions about your financial situation, your temperament and your skills before you make the leap to become a medical assistant. In this article, I will go through some of the questions that you should consider before making that decision.

Your Financial Situation

Your financial situation is an important part of whether or not you can become a certified medical assistant. Medical assistant certification requires one or two years of training in order to be eligible for the exam. While there are some distance programs available, you will likely need to take a year off of work for training. When you add a lost year of income to tuition, this can become fairly expensive. If you have substantial debts or cannot get a loan, this may be impossible.

Your Temperament

Being a medical assistant requires a certain type of temperament. You’ll need to be extremely patient and meticulous, character traits that not everyone has. You should also not be prone to anxiety, as the worry that a mistake could cause serious problems might become overwhelming. In effect, you’ll need both the temperament of an administrative assistant and a people person, which can actually be a rare combination.


It’s quite possible that you’ll have some of the skills in advance before starting training as a medical assistant, especially if you have worked as an administrative assistant. While you likely won’t be exempt from any coursework, you may find portions of the coursework much easier for you if you have some prior training. Some programs might even exempt you from some courses, but only if you have formal training as an assistant. Having some background can really give you a leg up.

All of the above should be taken into account if you are considering becoming a medical assistant. If it sounds like the job for you, best of luck on your decision!

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